Your Funeral Guy Prediction-GPS as Headstones in the Cemetery.

14 Jan

Using GPS Markers as Headstones will Make the grasses in the Field Cemetery a reality.

Using GPS as the headstone will increase in 2010. Geolocating  is a technology that is bouncing into funerals in 2010. Geolocating and using GPS as the headstone will increase in the future and it is something your funeral guy predicted in a recent a  technology article.

The concept goes hand in glove with the natural burial.  It is Grasses in a field with a GPS LOCATOR BURIED WITH THE DECEASED IN AN UNMARKED GRAVE.  There is good news here the cost is in most cases less than a traditional headstone.

The practice of using GPS(Global Positioning Systems) as in a cemetery is all ready in use at green cemeteries and in most cemeteries that use natural burial.

Recently a Cemetery director in Canada Affirmed your Funeral Guy’s prediction

GPS may be the way of the future when it comes to Calgary’s future cemetaries.
“You’re not going to have any monuments,” said Archie Lang, manager of cemetaries for the City of Calgary. “I see it as a meadow with natural grasses.”
He says family members would use GPS to locate a loved one to within six inches of their location in the field.


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