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12 Jan

One of the Nicknames out there For Service Corporation International is Big Death

The year is starting out with SCI Service Corporation International getting a hold of some reporters and positively spinning their efforts. It is hard to believe that any reporter could miss the national scandals that were Service Corporation International in 2009.

Recently,Several articles have been found to positively spin SCI,Service Corporation International and Dignity Memorial(TM)

This is an example that  could pass as an advertsement for Service Corporation International.

If more people knew about the advantages of preplanning, Dasso said they would clamor to take part. As a member of Dignity Memorial — a network that includes more than 1,000 cremation, funeral and cemetery providers in America and Canada — Langevin-Mussetter can offer some specialized services.


There seems to be a pattern in these articles.

First The AARP  is often invoked. The AARP  advocates preplanning not prepaying (very different things)for good reasons.

Second, preplanning and prepaying  are interchanged in the article as the same thing.  Assigning preplanning and prepaying  is a basic and simple  funeral scam.

Third Funeral Scandal is left out of the article. In early 2009 SCI was reported by the Washington Post to be abusing Veterans Corpses heading to Arlington National Cemetery.

Later in 2009 SCI was reported to have desecrated 500 graves at Eden Memorial park outside Los Angeles.

Now not all SCI or Dignity Memorial(TM) folks are bad. When writing about these folks and their funeral locations it is only fair  to present both sides and include the Scandal. One does not have to go to the extremes of the new NYSE:SCI nicknames of Big Death, Enron Evil, Scsi and evil empire.

The truth about prefunding a funeral has not been  not presented  honestly in many of the news reports.There are true dangers and risks to prepaying, and sending in monthly payments.(guaranteed preneed) The AARP has often warned about these specifics.

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