NYSE:HI Batesville Casket acquires K-Tron International to offset Revenue Decline-Your Funeral Guy

11 Jan

Hillenbrand Inc (NYSE:HI)the parent company of Batesville Casket has gone outside the Funeral Industry to offset Revenue decline on Casket Sales in the Traditional Funeral Business. Today Hillenbrand  Inc, announced the purchase K-Tron International, a company that operates outside the Funeral Industry.

Batesville the World's leading Casket Maker has had steep revenue decline

This is a further indication of traditional Funeral Industry failure. The leading casket maker in the world  losing revenue fast goes outside “THE CASKET SALE” and THE FUNERAL INDUSTRY to  increase revenue.

This  sale presents  stern warning to Funeral Homes, Funeral Directors, and those entering the Funeral Industry:  eliminate overhead, embrace discounts and sell the lower cost funeral.

About K-Tron International, Inc.

K-Tron (www.ktroninternational.com) is a recognized leader in the design, production, marketing and servicing of material handling equipment and systems. The company serves many different industrial markets through two separate business lines. The Process Group focuses primarily on feeding and pneumatic conveying equipment, doing business under two main brands: K-Tron Feeders and K-Tron Premier….

Some Highlights:

Hillenbrand expands and diversifies its business portfolio for long-term revenue and earnings growth.

Batesville Casket and K-Tron will operate as separate business units.-From the Hillenbrand website

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Batesville Casket Truck picyure from flickr under the creative commons license  from

pecanpieguy’s photostream



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