Cemetery Industry Executive Gets House Arrest for taking 20+Million$-YourFuneralGuy

9 Jan

This story shows that you must be very careful who you trust when making a funeral industry purchase.

The story here is a prime example on why the funeral consumer should be careful when purchasing anything funeral. Why is it that a Funeral|Cemetery Industry professional whole stole over 20 million gets to continue in the business? How is it he only got Work release, House arrest, and gets to go on  in the Industry? This sort of thing and the justice given spreads public distrust of the Funeral Profession.

Maybe the  distrust is justified. The Funeral and Cemetery Industry has refused to police itself. The National Funeral Direcetors Association (NFDA)has failed miserably here. Nelms owned funeral homes. They have failed miserably on the policing of their own members. This story is  a compelling reason why the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights needs to pass the Congress.


A Marion Superior Court judge today sentenced the owner of an Indianapolis-based cemetery company to four years on work-release and four years on home detention.

But before Robert Nelms serves much of the sentence, he faces sentencing in a separate case in Michigan involving $4.2 million in misappropriated trust money from a cemetery in Grand Rapids.

A key part of Nelms’ plea agreement is replenishing more than $20 million drained from the trust funds of Indiana cemeteries and funeral homes after his purchase of Memory Gardens Management Corp. five years ago. Those trusts were intended to cover customers’ prepaid burial services and ensure the upkeep of cemetery grounds, including at Forest Lawn Memory Gardens in Greenwood.

via www.indystar.com

StoneM0r  a Funeral Corporation  is purchasing the properties Nelms owned on the condition of restoring prepaid consumer contracts.Restoring the trusts is most important. Folks paid for their funerals and have the right to have them without paying again

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