California Funeral Directors Association has a Funeral Preneed Scandal Like Illinois?-Your Funeral Guy.

7 Jan

California may have a Preneed scandal like Illinois.

Revealed Here: California Has a Funeral Scandal like Illinois(IFDA).Recently the California Funeral  Directors Association said that Preneed (prepaid funerals) sales are down in a news report. What the spokesman  failed to be mentioned were disparities| deficits  in The California Master Trust, something that  California Funeral Directors Association  the CFDA operates.

Snippet from the News report- Current news Article.

Jack Jensen, public relations chairman of the California Funeral Directors Association, said that people aren’t buying expensive funeral plans as they were before.

They just don’t have the money,” Jensen said. “Funeral homes have noticed that perhaps there are not as many customers as in the past.”

There is no “industry statistic” to measure the change in the number of people buying pre-paid plans but Jensen said that after speaking with other funeral directors “business has been off slightly.”

“People are scaling back,” Jensen said, with the industry appearing to have undergone a change nationwide because of the economy.


This is almost Deja Vue, the same deceptive keeping the press, the State, and the Funeral Directors  in the dark  just like the Illinois Funeral Directors Association did in their Ponzi Scheme. This Time it is happening in California . You Can Read About HERE

There is a good Summary of the Situation HERE

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