The Top Ten Funeral Industry News Stories of 2009-Your FuneralGuy

6 Jan

Here are the top ten Funeral Industry News Stories In 2009. These Stories affected both the Funeral Industry an their consumers.

The #1 Funeral Industry News Story: WalMart Selling Caskets,This story change the mindset of the Consumer and the  Funeral Industry’s tacticson the sale of Caskets.

#2 Batesville Selling Vaults Batesville Casket C0.Testing Vault Sales after Very Bad Revenue Year

#3 Michael Jackson ‘s Golden Batesville Casket

#4. Batesville’s Revenue decline in 09.

For The first time since anyone can remember the leading casket maker’s Revenue was in trouble.

#5 World s Largest Funeral Corp Dominates Funeral Scandal For the Past decade

In fact in 2009 Service Corporation International became knowh as big Death and Enron Evil.

Who Shot Funeral Preneed? Click on #6 to Find Out!

#6.Who shot Preneed?

#7. Service Corporation Revenue Loss  contributed to  09 funeral Industry decline

#8 .Illinois Funeral Directors Association Ponzi Scheme .

#9. Burr Oak cemetery Scandal.

#10. Stewart Enterprises Inc Financial Numbers point to Funeral Industry decline.

Funeral Industry Decline in 09-Stewart Enterprises Inc

Stewart Enterprises Financial Report |more Funeral Industry Decline-Your Funeral Guy

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