Funeral Industry Site says Funeral Scandal Up in 2009-YourFuneralGuy

6 Jan

Funeral Scandal will continue an grow in 2010 agrees with me that 2009  was the year  of the Funeral Scandal. However in the forums the webmaster insisted That Scandal Is caused by a few bad apples who disgrace the Funeral Industry.  This is funeral industry myth about Funeral Scandal. Service Corporation International itself  Leader The Funeral Industry Scandal itself amounts to more than  a few bad apples.

ConnectingDirectors.Com and many industry Old timers insist that the media(press) sensationalize scandal because their business is death. The exact opposite is true the press and the media are not inclined to report Scandal because they rely on the paid obituary from the the Funeral Director for money. In Connecting Directors case and the Newspapers it is also paid advertising  from the  funeral home and the industry that fuels lack of honesty.

This is all covered in Your Funeral Guys  Funeral book “Rest in Peace.”  Naively hoping there will be less funeral scandal in 2010 than 2009 is unrealistic

“SCI, Walmart, and Batesville Lead List of Top 10 Funeral Industry Stories of 2009

2009 wasn’t exactly a picture perfect year for the funeral industry. Marred by scandal after scandal, most press that was given to the industry was negative. Lets hope the 2010 can be a better year.” via ConnectingDirectors.Com

For economic reasons alone, Funeral Scandal will increase in 2010.

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