Top 5 Technolgies impacting Funerals Sounds like spam But NOT-YourFuneralGuy

5 Jan

The Top Five funeral technologies impacting funerals sounds like spam but it’s not. Top Five:

1.HTML 5 makes funeral video an option for all.

2.MOBILE Phone  Video Live-Advance cell phones  Live streaming by common folk.

3. GEOLOCATING -Te dead, graves, funerals

4. Facebook and twitter are quickly becoming biz socialmedia Commerce-Funeral homes on board

5. Real time search-This is coming into it’s own. Did a Funeral Director mess up a funeral. Was there a scandal?The next family may know about it almost immediately. Read more about the top 5 technologies that will impact the Funeral Biz in 2010.

Funeral Industry| Funeral News| Funeral blog by Your Funeral Guy.

From Twitter:

VIDEO tag called one of “the Top 5 technologies that will give funerals bounce in 2010!”Sounds like autospam, but isn’t.

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