Your Funeral Guy Featured In Washington Times on Indigent Burials

4 Jan

Your Funeral Guy has been Featured in the Washington Times

A Your Funeral Guy blog  story has been referenced in the Washington Times in early 2010. The blogpost is about the Rise of Indigent Burials in 09. The article is titled  “Rising Public  Costs for Cremation and  Burial”  The  Funeral Cost and News Story talks about how local governments are paying for Funerals for the Poor in the UnitedStates.


The recession has increased the number of poor people in the United States.

Indigent burials are on the rise’ according to Your Funeral Guy.

Indigent, according to the Encarta Dictionary, means ‘extremely poor’ or ‘destitute person.’


Funeral Industry| Funeral News Blog By Your Funeral Guy

Washington Times Photo from flickr under the creative commons license. from

NCinDC’s photostream

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