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4 Jan

Here are the Top Ten Funeral and Funeral News predictions for 2010.

Ten top funeral predictions for 2010.

1Cremation rate will rise at  Faster Rate in 2010 than 2009.bringing down the average cost of a funeral.

2.Funeral home,closings mergers, and Bankruptcy’s will grow.

3. The big three Service Corporation International, Stewart Enterprises Inc  and Batesville Casket  Company will  continue to have revenue decline.

4. The  Bereaved Consumer Bill of Rights Act  bringing cemeteries under the funeral rule will. die in committee in the United States Congress.

5. The digitizing of all aspects of the  funeral will continue including webcasting, online obituaries as well as video tributes.

6. Service Corporation International  NYSE SCI will continue to Exposed in Scandal  as “big death” and the often whispered about Houston “Enron Evil”

7. Funeral Alliances among Funeral Industry Corporations.will grow as the industry tries to stop it’s decline.

8. Consumers will catch on to the New FTC Ruling and negotiate the basic service fee when purchasing Alternative  Funeral Services.

9. The handling of digital assets will continue to grow as an important  part of the Funeral arrangement process.

10. As he unemployment remains high in 2010 Mortuary School enrollment will Continue to grow.

There are more funeral predictions that will be made but this will do for now.

Congrats You made it to 2010 into the 2nd decade of the 21st Century. It has been a rough couple of years for most everybody.

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