Once Again Funeral Spin in the Media-YourFuneralGuy

4 Jan

At http://www.southcoasttoday.com an article makes two leaps that often happens in the media and at  funeral blogs.

Connecting Directors has been Funeral Spining with an In lieu of flowers article an another saying prepaid funerals are popular

Prepaying  funerals are on the rise and is a good thing. Prepaid funerals are on the rise? This not the case according  to funeral industry stats and  is only  funeral  director hype. The South Coast today article quotes no statistical studies  on the matter- only an informal survey of the newspaper’s funeral homes. Now Preplaning is a must but prepaying is not.

The article implies that the AARP supports prepaying. Officially the organization does not support prepaid funerals  and  definitely not Joshua Slocum.

The big lie comes next with Funeral Packages Save you money. Even Casual industry observers can quickly see this is not the case.


Although buying a whole funeral package through the funeral home is far more convenient and often less expensive, the Federal Trade Commission has ruled that no one is obliged to buy caskets, burial containers or any other products in-house.

via www.southcoasttoday.com

This article is pure funeral spin. It is being promoted at the funeral spin site- Connecting Directors.com Info on the other  Funeral Spin article is here.

Funeral Industry | Funeral news | Funeral blog by Your Funeral Guy.

Funeral packages an prepaying will not help you come in under the average cost of a funeral.

Websites like connecting directors have an interest in Funeral Spin because they receive funds from funeral corporations, Newspapers receive funds from funeral homes through the paid obituary.

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