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3 Jan

Top Ten Funeral Scandals of the past decade

Revealed Here are the top ten Funeral Scandals of the Last Decade presented on a year by year basis. Funeral Scandals come in in three ways,:Funeral Director|provider (NPS, IFDA) takes your money, The Funeral Director|provider does not perform agreed upon services and/or the Government and politicians get involved!

No matter how it happens Funeral Scandal  is not good for the funeral consumer and funeral cost! Funeral Scandal occurs in the USA daily. It is very difficult to keep up with funeral scandal  news reported in the Media.

Service Corporation International is reported in over half of the Top ten Funeral Scandals in the Last Decade.

2000Funeralgate George W  Bush barely gets the Presidency not because of the vote counting hanging chads in Florida but because a judge Rules he does not have to testify in a Service  Corporation International  Embalming.Scandal

2001 Menorah Gardens Florida. the manager at one of the main desecration sites later committed suicide.

From Wikepedia.

“The Menorah Gardens cemetery chain, owned by SCI, was accused of desecrating vaults, removing three bodies from two cemeteries in Florida, and dumping the remains in woods in 2001. In one case, a cemetery superintendent took it upon himself to remove an occupied vault to make room for an adjacent burial that would not fit because the 1st vault was buried at an angle, preventing the burial.”-via

2002-2003 Georgia TriState Cemetery Scandal Over three hundred remains were found on the site unburied left to rot. many Americans are aware of this Scandal.

In the 100 Million dollar National Prearranged Services Scandal The main tool was White Out!

2004 The Texas Funeral Commission Scandal Service Corporation International Again

2005 Katrina Body count outsourced to The Scandal Ridden Service Corporation International, SCI

2006 Clayton Smart -Forest Hills Funeral Home 20 million preneed trust fund Scandal, Memphis.

2007 The  National Prearranged Services (NPS) Preneed Insurance Scandal was first brought into the light.  approximately 100 million dollars was stolen. The Main Tool in the Crime White Out!

2008 The Illinios  Funeral Directors Association Theft and  Insurance Ponzi Scheme was was first reported in February 2008 in a Springfield Newspaper. All Reports in One Place Illinois Funeral Fund Scandal This scandal spread to the National Funeral Directors Association through it’s Treasurer, Randall L Earl. This was also the largest Insurance Scandal in the History of the state of Illinois. Sadly:

Demaine Funeral Home in Alexandria,Va one of the SCI Funeral Homes in the Corpse Abuse Scandal

The New reform focused IFDA President resigned in Late 2009.

2009 -The funeral scandal Year of the decade. The top funeral scandal in 2009 occured  at the Burr Oak Cemetery outside of Chicago. The company owner Perpetua essentially escaped consequence for their neglect. Over 300 Graves desecrate and 4 people in the grave robbing money scam. This Scandal deeply hurt the black community in the Chicago Area.An initial report: More than 100 graves dug up in Cemetery Horror Burr Oak Cemetery.

The Eden Memorial Park Scandal was reported outside of Los Angeles. The scandal broke when a lawsuit was reported by the press.  Click Here for details of the Eden Memorial Park Lawsuit Again this was a Service Corporation NYSE: SCI Cemetery

National Funeral  Home  and  Demaine Funeral home, two SCI Funeral homes were found to be involved in Veterans Corpse abuse in early 2009.  This shocked veterans and the public.Sadly|Pics,Places,Logo Virginia SCI Body Desecrations

Funeral Industry|Funeral News Blog By Your Funeral Guy|Funeral  Director, Illinois and Virginia.

SCI  DIGNITY LOGO from flickr uner the Creative commons license

Jeremy Brooks’ photostream

Demaine Funeral Home pic from FLICKR uner the creative commons license

NCinDC’s photostream

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