Sex, Death,Sell High End Caskets and Calender at Connecting|Your Funeral Guy

2 Jan

2004 Calender Cover from Cisa Company website

About 2 years ago I wrote a blog post about how Merchants of Death are using sex and death to sell casket and warned about Cisa Caskets and their Calender.

Here is a snippet from the original 2007 post.

They have thinly clad females standing, next to, leaning on and wrapping themselves around caskets The caskets are quite pricey, They even have a pinup calender with girls next to casket on a by the month casket.

This is an indication of how far Merchants and Merchants of death will go to promote their overpriced products. When shopping for anything, and especially for a funeral its best to go for lower price. Please make the choice of lower funeral cost. Anytime we can fall for the sex sells trick .I find it is always good to move my eyes somewhere else.” READ MORE-via

It is very sexist and not wise to promote almost pornographic pictures and such high expensive CASKETS  at a website for FUNERAL PROFESSIONALS.


2010 calender at the connecting directors store

The Casket calender here is the sexist promotion at the Connecting directors store.

All this is unsettling , unprofessional

Let’s use some common sense:What is the hardly dressed scantily clad woman going to do with the handcrafted casket?

Or the person in the casket? View Some Monthly Pics You see the pictures be the Judge Click HERE

WHAT IS BEING DONE is more than unprofessional.

Promoting this type of product is degrading to  women, the dead ‘ the Funeral Process and the Funeral Profession.

Funeral Industry|Funeral News| Funeral blog by Your Funeral guy

material from the ProgressiveU under the creative commons license

This post is a reccomendation not to use CISA caskets or connecting directors.

Your  Funeral Guy is no longer  a member of Connecting  because of the CISA  calender and other recent actions of the webmaster.

Remember the caskets in that calender are expensive just like Batesville and will not help you come in under the average cost of a funeral.

The calender comes from an Italian company-Their site here:


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