Your Funeral Guy Booted for Pro Family Lower Cost Funeral Comments.

1 Jan

Your Funeral Guy has been booted by Connecting Directors, an attempt to throw him under the funeral industry bus. 🙂

Your Funeral Guy has been booted from a  major Funeral Industry Website for comments promoting the Pro family low cost funeral options. My agenda is the presentation of the low cost funeral alternatives. For many Funeral Homes this works well.On the whole the funeral industry is vehemently opposed to presenting  the lower cost funeral  in the arrangement conference.

Keep In Mind that The WEBMASTER WHO KNOWS WHAT’s Good for Funeral Service has never worked in a Funeral Home!

Disabled Account

Dear Brian,

I have decided that your commentary on my website is not for the betterment of funeral service or for my members. Although debate is healthy, I feel you are using my site to further your personal agenda.

I have disabled your account and any new accounts created as an alais will be disabled as well.


Ryan Thogmartin, CEO
Connecting Directors
P.O. Box 430
4300 West Pike
Zanesville, Ohio

Your funeral guy was with for 2 years referring professionals to the site..But no more.  At one point  early on I donated copies of the Low cost funeral book “REST IN PEACE to the  First Connecting Directors store for sale to help this site..


Shay Wheat -YourFuneralGuy is a very kind soul, he is very professional and always willing
to help others, especially in a time of need.-Naymz

Statement From Your Funeral Guy:

Your Funeral Guy debates fair and honestly on the web. My agenda has always been THE LOW COST Funeral options for families and the consumer. I have never set up an account with aliases. Who I am and what I represent is clear to all.

Unlike Connecting I am not beholding to funeral industry Corporation Advertisers. I can speak freely.

My internet and personal agenda are always clear. I have  not  actively promoted  funeral homes ( but have mentioned a low cost funeral home example once)or businesses  at my sites only the lower cost funeral. There are no advertisers, nothing advertised, (at Your Funeral Guy Blogs)save amazon .com and the “Rest In Peace” book so folks can access low cost funeral options.

Funeral Industry| Funeral News Blog | by Your Funeral Guy

Nice present for the last day of 2009 and the end of a decade.

Your Funeral Guy Statement Original to this blog post

Sadly another funeral industry site says goodbye to alternative funerals, fair balanced and unafraid.

To make matters worse there are no forum|comment rules or guidelines at


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