The 2009 Funeral Event of the Year alerted The World to High Cost Batesville Caskets-Your Funeral Guy

1 Jan

In 2009 The Funeral event of the year alerted the world to High  “funeral cost” Batesville Caskets. It was the Michael Jackson Golden Casket at the Memorial Service and it’s going missing afterward that brought high end Batesville Casket knowledge to many an internet user.

The MIchael Jackson Memorial Funeral Service Informed the world about Batesville High Price Caskets.

Between July and September the world wondered and speculated as to where Michael was in that Golden Casket. As focused turned from Michael to the casket maker the price was revealed.

The Price $25,000 USD Plus.

Instantly Batesville  Casket Company became known as the high priced bread of caskets. This was always the case  but most of  the Consumers did not know.

Now 2009 was bad year for the Economy, Cremation was up,Casket demand down, in fact people were opting for lower priced coffins. Batesville(Hillenbrand Inc, HI) was in Financial Trouble.

And then Walmart Started selling discount Caskets! The story Continues.

People thought- Maybe I do not need a Casket from the Company that made Michael Jackson’s Golden Casket

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Michael Jackson Golden Casket pic from flickr under under the creative commons license from

DianthusMoon’s photostream


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