Here are the Top Ten Neglected Funeral News Stories of 2009|YourFuneralGuy

1 Jan

Sad news

Revealed here are the the top ten neglected funeral news stories of 2009.

1.FTC 09 ruling will change everything in the Funeral Industry.

2. New Funeral Alliances In the Funeral Industry are conspiring against the consumer.

3 Batesville Casket Company Financial demise in 2009.

4. How The Iraq War has Changed  funerals.

5 Walmart selling Caskets is bigger than you think!

6. Congress Neglects the The Bereaved Consumer Bill of Rights Act

7. How Celebrity Funerals in  09  Changed  Funerals Forever.

8. Funeral directors try? to reform guaranteed preneed.

9. Why the National Funeral Directors Association NFDA-has “0” Integrity.

10 The Financial Failures of the big Funeral Corporations in 2009.

Rest assured Your Funeral guy is working hard to bring these stories to you.

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