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31 Dec

Revenue for the Leading Casket Maker in the USA Is way down. pic-3D IStockPhotocasket

The Funeral Industry  Website Connecting  has been chasing the Batesville Casket Company Selling Vaults(BetaTest). The story is important because it shows the effects of the recession on the Funeral Industry. The leading casket maker in the USA  has to go outside the casket sale to increase revenue.

Could  Cremation, The Economy  and Walmart (Third Parties)selling caskets have that much effect? YES

Check this out:

Batesville Casket C0.Testing Vault Sales after Very Bad Revenue Year

But as every fourth grader knows- ya need the who, what, when WHY and where. Although the beta  test has been going on since  September the young webmaster was not the first but one to get the story. He did get it to his credit.

But as the pattern at Connecting directors goes the whys neglected. Blind support of  the Funeral Industry supports  the STATUS  QUO which is quite sad. The Funeral Industry is not trusted  much these days-and the Scandals and financials prove it. The Website only repeats what is on the web and very rarely mentions  the “why” the story. We should not expect  real help for the funeral industry or the consumer from Connecting in 2010!

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