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31 Dec

Batesville Casket  has been testing the sale of Funeral Vaults.  Reasons are revealed here on Why Families do not need  a Batesville Golden casket or any other coffin from the company. Batesville  Financial Reports  have been the worst in recent memory another indication of Funeral Industry Decline.

Reasons are Revealed Here Why You Do Not Need a Michael Jackson Golden Casket or any other "Batesville"

Snippet Batesville 3rd Quarter Results  From RTT:

Revenue came down to $496.0 million from $519.3 million in the same period (9 month) last year.

As I have stated in other corners of the web.

“Batesville and SCI have no choice but to acquire to survive. With Financial numbers and net revenues for the year down in the 10s of millions,you cannot just keep cutting expenses to be profitable….

Batesville is the Largest casket supplier in the United States of America. The official Company Name is Hillenbrand INC(HI). Astute Funeral Industry Observers have known about the Batesville Vault Beta Test.

Detail from  Goria Vault Corporation Web Page-

Goria Vault Corporation”My purpose in writing today is to advise you of a change in our business. Effective November 16, 2009. Goria sold the molds and intellectual property rights on which our vaults are produced. Goria has closed its burial vault business and have ceased all manufacturing operations and will no longer be a supplier of burial vaults. For a number of reasons, we felt the time was appropriate and are confident we made the right decision in choosing the reputable organization we sold too.”

Connecting is reporting that Batesville has purchased  a portion of  Goria Vault  and that the Goria Vault Beta Test is extending into 2010.

A Casket is much more reasonable at Walmart Online.

It is my opinion that  a Family should not purchase the high end Batesville Casket, because you do not need to pay up to and  $25,000 dollars for a golden casket like  the Michael Jackson Family!

THE FUNERAL CONSUMERS ALLIANCE MAY HAVE LOST THEIR ANTI TRUST LAWSUITS AGANST BATESVILLE AND SCI-but  it appears they may be winning the war as these funeral giants experience massive financial and other difficulties.

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Michael Jackson Golden Casket pic from flickr under under the creative commons license from

DianthusMoon’s photostream



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