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29 Dec

Revealed here is a list of Brittany Murphy movie roles with some photos as a memorial.

1993 Family Prayers as Elsie Alternative title: A Family Divided

1995 Clueless as Tai

1996 Freeway as Rhonda1997 Bongwater as Mary

Drive Deliverance as Bodine
1998 Falling Sky as Emily Nicholson
The Prophecy II

1999 Drop Dead Gorgeous as Lisa Swenson
Girl, Interrupted as Daisy Randone
2000 Trixie as Ruby Pearli
Angels! as Nurse Bellows
Cherry Falls Jody Marken
The Audition as Daniella Short subject

2001 Sidewalks of New York as Ashley
Summer Catch as Dede Mulligan
Don’t Say a Word as Elisabeth Burrows
Riding in Cars with Boys as Fay Forrester

2002 Spun as Nikki
Something in Between
8 Mile as Alex Latourno
2003 Just Married as Sarah
Uptown Girls as Molly Gunn
Good Boy!
2004 Little Black Book as Stacy Holt
2005 Sin City as Shellie
Neverwas as Maggie Blake
2006 The Groomsmen as Sue

Love and Other Disasters as Emily “Jacks” Jackson
Happy Feet as Gloria( Voice )
The Dead Girl as Krista Kutcher
2008 The Ramen Girl as Abby

Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs
2009Across the Hall as June
2009Abandoned as Mary

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