Here are the top 25 Funeral News Stories of 2009-Your Funeral Guy

28 Dec
Top 25 Funeral Stories of 2009Top 25 Funeral Stories of 2009

Here are the Top 25 Funeral Stories of 2009:

1 .Walmart Selling caskets online

2. When someone dies setup a Facebook Memorial

3.Sadly|Pics,Places,Logo Virginia SCI Body Desecrations-rbrianburkhardt

4.Michael Jackson Memorial

5.Average Cost of a Funeral-Average Funeral Home

6.President Obama Stirs the soldiers At Fort Hood Memorial Service-
7.More than 100 graves dug up in Cemetery Horror Burr Oak Cemetery.
8.Digital Assets need to be a part of Every Funeral Arrangement
9.Funeral Preneed is Dead Even in the Richest Towns

10.Service Corporation International’s Burr Oak Cem. Scandal

11.Brittany Murphy Death and Funeral|has celebrity death gone too far n 2009?

12. Farrah Fawcett Memorial

13. SCI  Denies wrong doing in Veterans Corpse Abuse Scandal

14.Chicago Cubs Cemetery is for Burned Fans.

15 So Where is Farrah Fawcett Buried?

16.Ted Kennedy Funeral | Mass- Full Program-Your Funeral Guy

17. Burr Oak Cemetery  owners have a funeral home scandal

18. NFDA Exec Sec Earl Should Resign with Fed Investigation of IFDA

19.Neptune Society fined for Preneed Violations

20.Walter Cronkite Memorial Service: Video of President Clinton’s Eulogy-R.Brian Burkhardt

21. Senator Ted Kennedy Funeral Mass|Program-from Mission Church.

22. Funeral Preneed is Dead.

23. Service Corporation International, mishandled the Kennedy Funeral

24.Oral Roberts Funeral arrangements|Live Streaming Video-

25.Missouri Legislature passes reform in response to National Prearranged Services Scandal

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