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27 Dec

Revealed Here are the  top 3 Funeral Scandals of 2009 with detailed explanations. Front and center in these Scandals are Service Corporation International, the Illinois Funeral Directors Association,  the National Funeral Directors Association’s Treasurer and  Perpetua, Inc the owner of  the Burr Oak Cemetery.

Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal

1. The Most significant and Far Reaching Funeral(& Cemetery) Scandal of 2009 was the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal outside of Chicago. (Alsip, IL) In July 2009 it was discovered that over 300 graves had been moved and  desecrated. Bones were piled up and scattered throughout the cemetery. Four people were arrested for grave desecration. Next to the Georgia Tri State  Crematory  Scandal(2002) and  The Service Corporation International Menorah Gardens &  Funeral Chapels 2001 Scandal in West Palm Beach FL, this is probably the worst Funeral and Cemetery Scandal in the ending  decade. The owner of the neglected Cemetery, Perpetua Inc has escaped consequences along with the Funeral Homes involved on The South side of Chicago.

Good things have come out of this Scandal: Cemetery reform is on the way in Illinois and nationally  The Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act was proposed in Congress.

Up to 500 Graves desecrated here

2. On the heels of the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal came the Eden Memorial Park Scandal in Los Angeles. This is a Service Corporation International Cemetery were over 500 graves were either moved or desecrated. Eden Memorial Park was a much higher end Cemetery.  This shows the world that Funeral and Cemetery Scandal  everyone

Click Here for details of the Eden Memorial Park Lawsuit

3. In 2009 the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Insurance Ponzi Scheme was brought into the Light. They lost 42 million dollars before the Wall Street melt down in 2008. Losses have ballooned to over 100 million dollars The leaders of the association misappropriated the  preneed trust funds (IFDA Preneed Trust).

The Comptroller of the State of Illinois in 2009  stated in a press release that the leaders of the association stole the money.  One of the Main players in the scandal is Randall L Earl current treasurer of the NFDA, who has refused to resign his position despite his involvement.

Sadly those Funeral Directors( Lawsuit Calvert Funeral Homes et al) that sued the association over their preneed commissions did not do due diligence with their families preneed funds. They did not keep track of the money themselves, their responsibility. Instead they blamed their association and filed lawsuits.

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