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24 Dec

Connecting Directors.Com has posted negatively on the Funeral Consumers Alliance

In a Blog posts that attacks the Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA) and comments that discuss how to get rid of this organization, Connecting states that the funeral industry is accepting Third Party Caskets.  From the Web Reaction and resentment  from Funeral Homes and directors on Walmart Selling Caskets, this is simply  not the case.

I think we learned from the article I posted yesterday (Funeral Director Reacts to Handling First Walmart Casket, You Might Be Surprised)that funeral professionals are open to and willing to accept third-party caskets.


The FCA states that third party caskets are good for the consumer. This is true. You can have a beautiful casket for much less and come in under the average cost of a funeral by purchasing a casket at a place other than the funeral home.

In the Case of the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal, and the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act  the Funeral Consumers Alliance was one of the first to speak up for consumer rights.

The Funeral Consumers Alliance has long been hated by Funeral Industry Insiders. Their Lawsuits have hurt Batesville, Service Corporation International,SCI and pointed out consumer ripoffs by these companies.

If funeral directors were more pro consumer and focused less on their own profit as the Connecting Directors  post above does, the funeral industry would not be in decline and there would be less need for the FCA and  more profit for the Funeral Directors. It also would create a  better situation for Funeral Consumer.

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