Connecting Directors. com is chasing Walmart Casket sales-Your Funeral Guy

22 Dec

Picture of website at Connecting Directors.Com

The Funeral Industry Website Connecting is chasing Walmart Caskets and seems to think they are low quality.

Problem is the webmaster has not seen a Walmart Casket. There is another problem:In his one case  the Family who purchased the casket was very satisfied according to the Funeral Director in his article.

The funeral director reported a not what is expected  casket quality but refused to produce pictures as proof.

“everything went very smooth and in the end the family was very pleased with the service they received from the funeral home and Walmart, and that is what really matters.

I think in the end what made this experience a pleasant one for Jeff was the fact that the family was happy with they product they had purchased. Obviously, if they would not have been it would have been a tougher situation for Jeff. I don’t doubt that as more funeral directors experience the “Walmart casket”, not every story is going to be as smooth as this one.

If anyone else has had to deal with a Walmart casket, please share your experience and story with us.”


Now it does appear that this website is setting Walmart up with a casket fall.

Walmart is selling caskets online. This Started right before Halloween. The initial story created an internet storm with extremely negative feedback from funeral directors and the Funeral Industry.

Funeral home owners do not take kindly to Third Party Casket Sales. The Largest retailer in the country selling caskets online pose a threat to the major casket Companies, Batesville, Aurora, and York Casket Company.

Funeral Industry| Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

Your Funeral guy receives no compensation from Walmart or any company selling caskets.

The funeral industry has much to gain by suggesting that Walmart is selling inferior Caskets.


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