Top Ten Most Fascinating Funeral People of 2009-Your Funeral Guy

20 Dec

The Ten Most Fascinating funeral people of 2009

Here are the top Ten Most Fascinating  Funeral People of  2009. –Tom Dart,  Bruce Rushton ,Bobby Rush , Randal L Earl, Kenneth Camp, Michael Jacksons’s Mother, Roman Szabelski….These people or their companies have been mentioned in 2009 in Your Funeral Guy blogs.

1. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart for creatively and judiciously handling the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal Outside Chicago. The man handled total horror with Excellence.

2. Bruce Rushton Reporter For the State Journal Register newspaper in Springfield Illinois for Excellence in Reporting On The Illinois Funeral Directors Association Scandal. His series of articles have brought funeral reform to  Illinois.

3.Congressman  Bobby Rush For Proposing the Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights Act. This Congressman  took a stand for Funeral and Cemetery Consumers in The USA. Rush is applauded for introducing Cemetery Reform legislation.

4. Randall L Earl for refusing to resign from the National Funeral Directors Association in spite of being exposed as a major player in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association IFDA Preneed  Ponzi Scam where over 100 Million dollars was lost. Earl was the Director Of the Defunct  Museum of Funeral Customs  in Springfield Illinois.which appears to have been setup with people’s Preneed funds. Now putting one’s political l career ahead of the profession’s  leading Associations integrity is both despicable and sad at the same time.

5. Batesville Casket Ceo(Hillenbrand,Inc)  Kenneth Camp for spinning positively a total Casket Sale Disaster in 2009 Not many corporate executives can point to  a 29 million net revenue decline as a success in a year where Cremation was king. The Mighty Batesville Casket Co. Struck out in 2009.

6. Michael Jackson’s Mother( Catherine) for keeping the location of Michael Jackson’s body and $25,000 Batesville GOLDEN Casket a Secret for 2months after the memorial service and before the burial.

7. Ted Kennedy was a fascinating Funeral person in 2009. Planning his own funeral so as to memorialize himself  as a good Catholic  (He opposed Catholic Doctrine on right to life, and gay rights most of his life ) and politically correct is a something few have pulled off. The way he planned his own funeral and his death showed leadership.

8. Roman Szabelski of Catholic Cemeteries of  Chicago as  a  Court appointed receiver for Burr oak Cemetery and later as a consultant, put forth a concerted effort to resolve the Burr Oak Cemetery Disaster.

9. Illinois Senator Roland Burris  of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Scandal for his ability to to avoid scrutiny as a lobbyist and a creator of the IFDA Preneed Trust.

10. Illinois State Representative Dan Brady for breaking with the Illinois Funeral Directors Association and their scandalous activity. He has been a leader in Cemetery and Funeral Reform in 2009. He has been the author of  legislation in Illinois and is a Funeral Director.

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