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14 Dec

Come in under the average cost of a Funeral have the funeral at Church

One way folks are saving in this economy is to do the funeral in church. If you think about it is rather silly to do the funeral both places. The church has all the facilities you need. In many funerals the church is the main focus of the event anyway.

So why not cut  the amount you pay the funeral home. The Federal Trade Commission has recently ruled that the  the funeral home can discount the basic service fee.

The Church has been competing with the Funeral Home for quite some time. Many ministers are fed up with the Funeral Directors-and have all services at a church. I have worked with churches were the casket is dropped off by the FD -The Church does it all and the funeral directors return when it is time to head to the cemetery.

A snippet from an  article  points out that  cremation has fueled church involvement with funerals-The clergy acting in a funeral director role:

A husband whose wife’s funeral was in the Southern Baptist church was asked why he did not use a funeral home said, “She was cremated, why do I need a funeral home?”


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