A New Kind of Death-Facebook Ritual Suicide-Your Funeral Guy

11 Dec

Now there is a new suicide site-A  place where you can commit Facebook Suicide. In 2009 we have seen virtual funerals online memorials,  the rise and fall of a virtual graveyard, places where you can e-mail your friends after you die and eternal virtual storage lockers. Now there is a place where you can put your on line identity to death-at www.seppukoo.com/

Seppuku (aka, Hara-kari) originally reserved for Samurai soldiers was the belief in suicide rather than falling into the hands of one’s enemies. In its original context, Seppuku was performed by plunging a sword into one’s abdomen and moving it left to right in a slicing motion.

via inventorspot.com

This the place where you can get virtual suicide assistance or commit assisted virtual suicide. It is the place to put an end to your facebook account. There is even a memorial page for your virtual death.

This appears to have a risen from facebook privacy Failures

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