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10 Dec

The Illinois Funeral Director Association President has resigned. Merrill Lynch the embattled ” IFDA Preneed Trust”  trustee has also pulled out. This  may be the Full collapse of the IFDA  Illinois Funeral Directors Association as predicted here. Time will tell.

In April I sat down with the  new IFDA  President Chris Woodridge who was enthusiastic about pulling the Illinois Funeral Directors Association out of the scandal. I had my doubts then. Those doubts have been confirmed with the Woodridge resignation for “personal reasons”.

This looks like a death blow, because  Chris Woodridge was trying to build a new IFDA. That appeared to be doomed because the Former IFDA Presidents James D.Bosma and Charles Childs JR stayed on the board. Both these individuals were named in the press and in the lawsuits.

Linda Allen will be the new IFDA President but her alliances in this politically charged situation are not known.

Duane Marsh a man with limited understanding of the politics and the History of the scandal as well as the politics:( of the State of Illinois remains executive director.

It appears that with Merrill Lynch (Wall Street bad boy)pulling out of the situation leaves the YEARS of  work of Comptroller Dan Hynes To resolve the IFDA  Preneed Trust Scandal and ponzi scheme in the trash can.

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In 2007 and most of 2008  I was the only one reporting on the IFDA Preneed Trust Scandal. In 2009 Bruce Rushton of the The Springfield Journal Register newspaper reported till August  in detail on the 42-100 million theft-loss-misappropriation of the IFDA Preneed Trust Ponzi Scheme.

Charles Childs Jr is a known protege of Jesse Jackson Sr and an Illinois Funeral regulator for the State.

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