Memorial Service|Police FuneralProcession largest in WA State’s History-Your Funeral Guy

9 Dec

The Memorial Service and Procession in Washington State for the slain Lakewood Police officers may have been the Largest in Washington State History.

The tributes and speeches were truly moving for those gunned downed simply because they were Police Officers.

The Governor of Washington State had called the funeral the darkest day in law enforcement history in the State of Washington.


The Funeral procession took 3 and a half hours longer than expected. so the Service did not get started on time.

Snippet from the Boston Herald
TACOMA, Wash. — Moving tributes to the four slain Lakewood, Wash., police officers were delivered by co-workers, friends and their children at Tuesday’s memorial service at the Tacoma Dome.

Austin Richards, the 16-year-old son of Greg Richards, said his father viewed his job as an honor despite the stresses inherent to law enforcement work.

He didn’t become more hardened or angry, just more thankful,” Richards said. “I guess you could say he didn’t see the point in anger.”-via

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Procession Memorial  pic from flickr under the creative commons license from

tacomamama’s photostream

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