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4 Dec

There are more signs of Funeral Industry decline in the USA today due to the recession. A  longstanding NAPA Valley Funeral Home has closed it’s door. And in the Chicago suburban area two major Funeral Homes have merged.

More signs of Funeral Industry decline due to the recession

Moss Funeral Home in Batavia, Illinois has purchased and merged with Norris Funeral Home in St.Charles, Illinois. The former owners of the Norris Funeral Home are retained.

Moss Family Funeral Home in Batavia has purchased Norris Funeral Home, a fixture in St. Charles since 1936…..

Moss has been in Batavia since 2001, when he purchased Yurs-Peterson Funeral Home in Batavia.

The arrangement with Norris Funeral Home will allow Lee Norris to stay on as funeral director and his wife, Jane, as funeral assistant. The couple has owned Norris Funeral Home since 1968.


In NAPA Valley The headline read, “Richard Pierce Funeral Home closes suddenly; owner vows to meet clients’ needs” The closing of this funeral home was unexpected. The owner stated that the preneed funeral contacts will be honored.

“Owner Bob Pierce said that factors including his own health and changes in the funeral business spurred the decision to close. He said Treadway & Wigger Funeral Chapel in Napa had agreed to honor the agreements Pierce had made with clients for funeral and burial services at Richard Pierce Funeral Home as well as Napa Valley Memorial Park and Inspiration Chapel.”via

The major funeral and casket  corporations revenue has been in steep decline in 2009. This situation of funeral revenue decline  has spread to independent funeral homes and to all of the 50 United States.

Customers are demanding to pay less, choosing lesser services while many  Funeral Home Owners raise prices.

Scandal has nor helped the matter either. People are becoming more and  more distrusting of Funeral Directors.

The traditional funeral home is hurting as people choose cremation more often.

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