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2 Dec

Latest in the Butr Oak Cemetery Scandal

Burr Oak Cemetery is having more Grave problems. These are amounting to unintentional grave  desecration. When attempting new burials graves are being disturbed. In spite of Court supervision the owners Perpetua, Inc. have not been able to straighten out the chaos there.

Recently while conducting burials, the continued situation of Graves and bodies have been discovered in the wrong locations. This is a result of the owners, Perpetua Inc original mismanagement of the cemetery.

This was reported recently by the Chicago Tribune.

Meanwhile, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart again called for burials at Burr Oak to be halted. Dart said his records show there have been five to seven incidents of discovered caskets and remains.

“We should not go through this exercise of torturing people,” he said. “Having them come out for a burial and find out there’s someone already there. We need to have these people step back and get it right and at that point they can go ahead with burials.”

via www.chicagobreakingnews.com

The insensitivity to the bereaved continues at Burr Oak even today. This is beyond horrific. The Culprit is clear in this matter. Perpetua, Inc.

Not only is there not justice here, the world of hurt continues

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