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17 Nov
Illinois Cemetery reform Not to apply to Municipalities.

Illinois Cemetery reform Not to apply to Municipalities.

Illinois cemetery reform may not apply to the City Cemetery. This is not a good thing for consistent cemetery reform in the State of Illinois.  For reform only to apply to the Privatly owned cemeteries is some what ridiculous, and maybe discriminatory.

It appears that Cemetery reform in Illinois is being diluted by the politicians and lobbyists in the State. Cemetery reform needs to consistent applying to all cemetery.

Information on the Senate Cemetery Bill can be found here.

Here is some info on the cemetery reform bill. Snippet from The State Journal Register.

CHATHAM — Municipal officials no longer have to worry about unaffordable cemetery regulations, Chatham Village Board member Joe Schatteman said.

Senate Bill 1471, a rewrite of state cemetery regulations, was amended to exempt cemeteries owned by municipalities and religious institutions from provisions that require cemetery staff members to be licensed and receive continuing education.

“Just the financial upkeep of that would be devastating to many municipal cemeteries,” Schatteman said.


Click here for direct information on Illinois Cemetery Reform, that is in response to the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal. The Illinois Senate may close the dbate on Illinois Cemetery Reform in 2010.

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