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16 Nov

Yes, you can make it through a Funeral without the full  use of a Funeral Direct0r, and expensive casket. In many cases however it is still best to hire a funeral director but not for all of his services. You do not have to get a Casket from the traditional funeral directors- Aurora, Batesville, or York Casket Company.

In fact if you are informed, some of the services of a funeral director can be done, by your friends, church members, clergy and others. In actuality you can do some of it before you die.

To some this may seem radical but it is quite simple.

From Rest in Peace Insiders tips to the Low cost Less Stress Funeral.

“The everyday role of the funeral director has been changing
over time. Some of the funeral director’s functions are not
as necessary as they once were. The reality is that today the
average person can plan a funeral that reduces the role
of the funeral director.” Copyrighted Material  from R.Brian Burkhardt

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