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13 Nov

Burr Oak Cemetery Remains closed but some funerals have been happening

Burr Oak Cemetery is conducting  funerals now.  This was reported by the Chicago Tribune. Sadly though. Cemetery reform has been stalled in the Illinois legislature, the State Senate. The neglectful  owner company Perpetua Inc is still in charge and THE CEMETERY IS NOT OPENED TO THE PUBLIC.

Although some funeral services are resuming at Burr Oak Cemetery there is little consolation for Burr Oak Cemetery families.

At Burr Oak Cemetery Over 300 graves  were desecrated, and bones were piled up at various locations around the cemetery,

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It is unclear why the cemetery decided to resume the burials but not open the doors to the general public. Repeated calls to Howard Korenthal, who was appointed to oversee the cemetery at the end of September, were not returned.

Spencer Leak Jr., co-owner of Leak and Sons Funeral Home in Chatham, said the funeral home had to keep four bodies since July because the family members wanted them to be buried at Burr Oak. Two weeks ago, they buried the last of the four.

Leak said he got calls every day from frustrated relatives, but there wasn’t much he could do. Finally, about a month and a half ago, he got the OK to start burying one person at the time. Donahue was one of them.

via www.chicagobreakingnews.com


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