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11 Nov

DC Sniper is on his way to His burial in Louisiana

John Allen Muhammed, the DC sniper, is on the way to his funeral and private burial in Baton Rouge, Lousiania. Executed on Tuesday evening by lethal injection the DC Sniper was responsible for the random deaths of 10 people while Northern Virginia held it’s breath.

In a strange news conference, Wednesday morning, the DC snipers family stated they were going to read a letter(statement) from Muhammed and then decided not to do that.

It has been reported that Muhammed was relaxed at the time of his execution.

He is not remorseful, although he does extend his condolences to the families,”said attorney J. Wyndal Gordon who assisted Muhammad who represented himself at trial.

Muhammad and Malvo also were suspected of fatal shootings in Louisiana, Alabama and Arizona. Their motive remains murky. Malvo said Muhammad wanted to extort $10 million from the government to set up a camp in Canada where homeless children would be trained as terrorists.


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One Response to “John Allen Muhammed|DC Sniper Funeral-YourFuneralGuy”

  1. VA Justice January 20, 2011 at 11:44 pm #

    Muhammad wasn’t buried, he was cremated and the urn containing his ashes sits on a table in the home of his eldest son Lindbergh Williams who lives in Baton Rouge.

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