creepy Wal Mart Caskets comments stopped on Casket Page-Your funeral Guy

10 Nov

Comments and Reviews have been disabled at the Wal Mart selling Caskets page due to jokes and pranks.

Wal Mart selling caskets has brought quite a few comments at their site: strange creepy and bizarre reviews. Wal Mart has put an end to the mocking, jokes and creepy reviews at their casket selling page. This is a good thing for Wal Mart Customers. Walmart has build its brand on its pro customer promotions.

In the meantime strange comments and commentators continue on the Web both in the News and on the blogs.

But far from silly, the comments posted on Walmart’s casket selection were creepy — and creepiness, presumably, is not a trait Walmart wants its customers to see when they’re choosing a burial option for a loved one. Before Walmart shut down the caskets’ review section, Advertising Age documented a few of the reviews, like this one: “I picked one up to bury my cat in. Other than having room for about 100 cats, it worked well. Oh, had to dig a really big hole too, and that was rough on my back. But at least when my dog dies I can just open ‘er up again and stick him in too.”


Wal Mart selling caskets continues to go viral both in the news and the blogs. This is indeed a turning point for funerals in the United States of America. It spells a better future for the funeral Consumer. Funeral Directors an Funeral Homes as well as the traditional casket companies continue their opposition to third party caskets. Some quite vehemently.

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