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10 Nov

Sniper rifle with riflescope.

The DC Sniper has been executed

The DC Sniper has been executed by lethal injection. John Allen Muhammed was executed in Virginia on Tuesday night. He made no statement although he was given an opportunity to speak. In Oct 2002 the DC Sniper horrified the nation and Northern Virginia as 10 people were randomly killed.

No one is stating where or when Muhammed will be laid to rest. His funeral is to come a he died after 9pm Eastern Time Tuesday. The police and prosecutors  never agreed on motives for the killings. he refuse to meet with a spiritual adviser just before the execution.

Muhammad, a man who directed what many law enforcement officials consider one of the worst outbreaks of crime in the nation’s history, died in Virginia’s death chamber while relatives of his victims looked on. Unlike his victims, Muhammad knew when and how he was going to die. He and Jamaican immigrant Lee Boyd Malvo, then 17, killed 10 people in the Washington area during a terrifying October 2002 rampage; they also have been linked to shootings in several other states.


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Your Funeral  Guy moved to Washington DC just after the the Snipers rampage.


Livestreaming Video link To Fort Hood Memorial Service-Your Funeral Guy

10 Nov
Fort Hood Memorial Service

Fort Hood memorial Service C-span photo

Here is a  link to the Fort Hood Memorial Service in live streaming video.
The funeral service was Scheduled-for 2pm eastern but got off to a late start  President Obama to give Comments along with  Military and some mosque leaders

Links to livestreaming video are taken down after the event.




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Our hears go out to the victims in this massacre, we will keep you updated on the funerals that are to come.

Source C-Span

Pres. Obama Attends Fort Hood memorial service, Delays Asia trip


Pres. Obama & first lady Michelle Obama are in Texas for a memorial service honoring 12 soldiers and 1 civilian killed at Fort Hood last week. Forty two other soldiers were injured. Speakers include Pres. Obama and Gen. George Casey, Chief of Staff of the Army.


creepy Wal Mart Caskets comments stopped on Casket Page-Your funeral Guy

10 Nov

Comments and Reviews have been disabled at the Wal Mart selling Caskets page due to jokes and pranks.

Wal Mart selling caskets has brought quite a few comments at their site: strange creepy and bizarre reviews. Wal Mart has put an end to the mocking, jokes and creepy reviews at their casket selling page. This is a good thing for Wal Mart Customers. Walmart has build its brand on its pro customer promotions.

In the meantime strange comments and commentators continue on the Web both in the News and on the blogs.

But far from silly, the comments posted on Walmart’s casket selection were creepy — and creepiness, presumably, is not a trait Walmart wants its customers to see when they’re choosing a burial option for a loved one. Before Walmart shut down the caskets’ review section, Advertising Age documented a few of the reviews, like this one: “I picked one up to bury my cat in. Other than having room for about 100 cats, it worked well. Oh, had to dig a really big hole too, and that was rough on my back. But at least when my dog dies I can just open ‘er up again and stick him in too.”


Wal Mart selling caskets continues to go viral both in the news and the blogs. This is indeed a turning point for funerals in the United States of America. It spells a better future for the funeral Consumer. Funeral Directors an Funeral Homes as well as the traditional casket companies continue their opposition to third party caskets. Some quite vehemently.

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Now comes Obama|Presidential Healer-Fort Hood Funerals-memorial service-Your Funeral Guy

10 Nov
Fort Hood Flag at half-mast in hoor of shooting victims (US Army Photo from Flickr)

Flag at half-mast in hoor of shooting victims (US Army Photo from Flickr)

President Obama will take on the role as Healer in Chief as he speaks at the Fort Hood Memorial Service on November 10th. It is a role that President Bush filled well, but unlike Obama his condolences were for the most part done out of view of the camera. Obama will be front and center in consoling the Fort Hood Shooting Victims Families.

In fact President Bush has already met with the wounded at Dover, quietly.

Here is a snippet on the Barach Obama Healer(Griever) in chief moment:

For the first time since winning the White House, President Barack Obama faces such a moment Tuesday at Fort Hood. It his job to offer comfort, if not answers, after the shooting that left 13 people dead and 29 wounded on the bustling Texas Army post five days ago.


Bush did His  Healer in Chief well whether it was 911, meeting with the Wounded from IRAQ, or meeting with the families of those killed in action.

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