Families can Webcast their own Funerals,weddings(wordpress.com)-yourfuneralguy

9 Nov
Wordpress Video has the potential to put funeral and wedding video out of business.

Wordpress has the potential to put Wedding and Funeral Webcating Companies out of business. It is also true of online obituary companies..

Special thanks to wordpress.com for making video easy on their blog. It is now possible to webcast funerals and weddings on the wordpress.com blog network. The free blogs are quite useful for posting videos of funerals and weddings.

These blogs are also useful for a family to post obituaries as well. Comments can be used as condolences or a funeral guestbook.

You do not have to use the services advertised on the web For “WebCasting Funerals.”  Set up a wordpress.org blog. or a wordpress.com blog. You will  have funeral webcasting. It will not be live but right after the funeral but very inexpensive.

To some this is a  surprise. The  family can replay their own video at the  blogs mentioned above with minimal cost and minimal effort. It is kind of an internet virtual memorial. It can go on  in almost virtual  perpetuity. All that is needed is a Video Camera.

Funeral Industry| Funeral Blog

To be fair this can be done on typepad and blogspot (google) blogs as well. This could pose a dismal future for funeral one.com anf funeral recording .com


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