Fort Hood deceased moved to Dover before Funerals-YourFuneralGuy

7 Nov

iStock_000003468238XSmallDeceased Victims of the Fort Hood deceased were moved to Dover air Force Base  Friday night. There was a touching military ramp  ceremony while caskets were loaded onto the transport. Each flag draped casket was saluted and sent up the ramp. A wounded soldier in the attack insisted on being at the ceremony in a wheel chair.

The heros will all have an autopsy before funeral arrangements can be made for the massacred.

A prayer vigil was also held at Fort Hood Friday night for the decease and the wounded.

The 13 victims of the Fort Hood massacre were flown Friday night to Dover Air Force Base, the transit point for generations of soldiers slain by foreign enemies.

Only these were victims of an enemy from within.

As the coffins bearing 12 soldiers and a civilian base worker were loaded on an Air Force aircraft for the long flight to Delaware, the feds were trying to fathom why a U.S. Army shrink opened fire on his fellow soldiers.


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Sadly funerals are to come



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