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4 Nov

iStock_000005034683XSmallWall Mart now sells caskets? So what is next for Funerals? Whatever it is probably not good for the Traditional Funeral Industry. Does anyone remember Full Service Gas Stations? They are gone.

Just Maybe sometime in the future……. Does anyone think about  those Traditional Funerals and the Funeral Home On the corner that was dark and somber? Yes i know all but the graveside service is now being  done online. Everything costs so much less, that sure makes death easier to deal with. Those old blacksuits and the ties, they’ve been gone for awhile. Just a few years back it was a big deal when Walmart began selling caskets online. Now they are on the showroom floor. Order on line and go down to Wal-Mart and Pickup. Now you do not even a funeral director for that.  What were those old casket companes, Batesville, York, Aurora, too bad they did not sell those ecopods back in the day before green funerals. I heard that they had to meltdown there metal caskets and sell the wooden ones for kindling.

Here’s a snippet from a blogger who takes you into the near future.

The funeral homes industry has reason to be concerned. I am sure their argument is these funeral homes can provide full service (like gas station) and ability to provide comfort and empathy, but it comes at a price. If it works for Wal-mart, the next one to join would be Target. They would invite Stella McCartney or Phillipe Starke to design caskets that costs just a little more, but with a lot more style. Amazon.com will follow with online customization that you can pick your favorite patterns or engraved your family crest.

via www.business-strategy-innovation.com

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