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30 Oct

800px-Walmart_exteriorWalmart  selling caskets is drawing fire from the Funeral industry. This should be expected as there prices are far less than you will find at the Funeral Home. First in the AP Story the President of the NFDA dismissed the concept  of selling caskets online. This is disputed here.

Some are calling Wall Mart selling caskets a beta test. This is not the case. The original Associated Press Story released to the media addressed the beta test issue. One Wall-Mart spokesman called it a beta test(Ravi Jariwalla) while the Star Legacy Casket CEO said there was a deal(contract) and not a simple test.(the lower level spokesman Ravi may have had incomplete information.) See the AP Story .

Many Funeral directors are trying to dismiss Wall-Mart selling Caskets at a discount  as not useful and meaningless.

Other are engaging in direct attack and putting out the lie that WalMart is selling Chinese Caskets.

This is not the case, the Caskets Walmart is selling are made in the NORTH AMERICA..

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walmart picture from wikipedia under the creative commons license

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