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25 Oct

the sale of Wal-Mart Caskets threaten the traditional funeral director

the sale of Wal-Mart Caskets threaten the traditional funeral director

Walmart caskets poses at threat to the funeral industry and a help to the funeral consumer. Walmart is the largest retailer in the United States of America. It poses a threat to the Funeral Industry even if it is just selling caskets online. It is part of something called Unbundling of Funeral Packages a trend soon to be encouraged by the Federal Government in the Bereaved Consumers Bill Of Rights (AKA Bereaved Consumers Protection Act). The FTC is

Walmart  has sales that are larger than any third world countries.

From the Memorial Business Journal.

Today, when a behemoth like Wal-Mart starts working your side of the street, things could get interesting, with the obvious reaction being this will cause further downward pressure on retail casket prices.

“Wal-Mart represents a bigger threat than Costco since they have so many nearby locations,” said David Nixon, president of Nixon Consulting, Chatham, Ill.  “Even though their caskets are only online, the retail power is the largest in the United States.”

“This is not an overnight cataclysm, but a slow, inexorable chipping away of pieces,” said Alan Creedy, president of Trust 100, Raleigh, N.C. He sees Wal-Mart’s entry into funeral service as part of ongoing trend toward unbundling.

Star Legacy Caskets of McHenry, IL is the company selling the caskets through Walmart. the company gives next day shipping through Federal Express.

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