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19 Oct

 Congressional Funeral and  Cemetery Reform H. R. 3655

Congressional Funeral and Cemetery Reform H. R. 3655

The National Funeral Directors Association will come up with it’s position on Cemetery and Funeral Legislation at the upcoming NFDA Convention in Boston(OCT 25th-28). The Bereaved Consumer Bill of Rights Act(AKA Bereaved Consumers Protection Act) was introduced in Congress in late September in reaction to the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal near Chicago this Summer.

Burr Oak Cemetery remains closed. In July it was discovered that up to 300 graves were desecrated and human bones discarded in large piles around the cemetery. In September at Eden Memorial Park  in California it was reported in a lawsuit that 500 graves were disturbed. Eden Memorial Park is a Service Corporation International Site.

The basics of the proposed law are that  cemeteries will be regulated nationally. Cemeteries will be required to comply with the Funeral Rule. The Funeral Rule is a body of Congressional Law, that protects the Funeral Consumer. Soon it will protect Cemetery Consumers as well. Read a good summary of the Funeral Rule.

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