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15 Oct
Comment on theWorld's Largest Funeral's Corporation Employee Culture

Comment on theWorld's Largest Funeral's Corporation Employee Culture

Here is a recent comment from a post on this blog. Interesting enough it gives a practical list of things the consumer can do to avoid the deceptions coming from Service Corporation International. Please note the commentator is calling the Corporate Culture at SCI Evil-not your funeral guy. Currently I have no direct knowledge of what goes on at SCI CORPORATE Headquarters In Houston. To be fair the person commenting here lost their job.

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New comment on your post #1741 “Five Grave Scandals in 2009|SCI-yourfuneralguy”

I recently lost my job with the corporate office of SCI in Houston, and I will testify that the corporate culture there is evil. If you are going to warn people to avoid SCI funeral homes, they need to know that these funeral homes have different names like “Smith and Sons Mortuary” because SCI buys up mom and pop businesses but leaves them with the orginal name.

People looking to avoid SCI locations should avoid their brand names: Dignity Memorial (as in “Smith and Sons Mortuary, a Dignity Memorial provider”), Advantage (for the low-cost side of the funeral business) and Del Angel (which is exists in markets with large Hispanic populations, to get the corner on them).  If you aren’t sure which locations in your area are owned by SCI, go to DignityMemorial.com and enter your zip code.  They will conveniently provide you with a list of funeral homes to avoid.


3 Responses to “A look Inside SCI Houston #1-YourFuneralGuy”

  1. shreeyasinha October 16, 2009 at 1:25 pm #

    I went on Dignity Memorial and it doesn’t provide a list of funeral homes to avoid. Also is it true that SCI charges 200% more than regular mom and pop shops? But what is new in the funeral industry?

  2. yourfuneralguy October 17, 2009 at 11:28 am #

    The list that Dignity Memorial Gives you is the list of Funeral Homes that should be avoided.

    SCI charges the most of any Funeral Provider in the Country.

    Your Funeral Guy

  3. rubyfae October 19, 2009 at 7:41 pm #

    Clarification: DignityMemorial.com gives you a list of SCI locations under the Dignity brand name. Of course, there are other brand names as well that might not show up on that site but are still owned by SCI. A person should ignore such tags on a business such as “Serving the community for 50 years” and look for those saying “privately owned” and “family owned.” Funeral homes that are family owned are generally pretty proud of the fact, at least in my area, and will state as much in their advertising and sometimes signage.

    Most SCI locations are not going to charge 200% higher; that would price them out of the market and would be counter productive. 10% would be more typical, at least if it is decided that the target demographic will pay that. SCI has a department in its corporate office called Strategic Pricing, which checks out all the pricing of the competition and set the prices for the SCI locations in that market accordingly. Not all SCI locations charge the same prices (even for the same items and services). If a particular location services a demographic that is assumed to be willing to pay more (such as Geo. H. Lewis & Sons in Houston, where Houston’s movers and shakers all go to be buried), that location will charge more than the SCI location a few blocks over that serves a more middle-class or working-class demographic.

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