Burr Oak Cemetery is for sale-Your Funeral Guy

14 Oct

Burr Oak Cemetery is for Sale

Burr Oak Cemetery is for Sale

Burr Oak Cemetery is now for sale. The cemetery just outside of Chicago is being sold by Perpetua, Inc. the owner. There is no word on any buyers at this time. This may or may not be good news for victims of the Scandal. Time will tell.

In July of 2009 graves were found desecrated with bones scattered  in piles around the cemetery. Recently Perpetua was given back control of the the cemetery, through a consultant. There is hope that the cemetery will reopen soon. There has been Federal legislation initiated because of this and other scandals The Bereaved Consumer Bill of Right Act

In a Chicago Bankruptcy Court hearing on Tuesday, Judge Pamela S. Hollis gave permission for Perpetua-Burr Oak Holdings of Illinois, L.L.C., owner of Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, to sell the cemetery that became infamous this summer for a grave desecration scandal that sent families searching for their loved ones.Perpetua filed for bankruptcy protection in September in the wake of a criminal investigation. The company told Judge Hollis it had hired American Cemetery/Mortuary Consultants Inc. as a consultant to assist in selling the cemetery.Attorney Robert Fishman, of Shaw Gussis Fishman Glantz Wolfson, in Chicago, said Perpetua doesn’t yet know of any buyers but hired a consultant with expertise in cemeteries.“All the pressure of the world is on us,” said Fishman during the hearing.

via news.medill.northwestern.edu

On Monday 50 Lawyers representing Plaintiffs in lawsuits were given a tour of the cemetery.

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picCat Rabenstine/MEDIL via news.medill.northwestern.edu


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