Part 1: Response to IFDA Blogs byYour Funeral Guy

9 Oct

iStock_000007415679XSmallHere is part 1 of the response from|on some of my blogs on the Illinois Funeral Directors  Association Scandal involving the IFDA Preneed Trust from
MarsellusM710. These are not the opinions of Your Funeral Guy

Funeral Industry|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy.

Dear Funeral Guy,
It has been along time since we’ve had a chat. With all of the “special events” going on here in the Land of Lincoln, IFDA Trust, NPS, Burr Oaks, Mr. Hynes running for Governor, (the man can’t run his own office and wants the run the entire State, what a hoot!), I have been busy taking care of families and trying to enjoy my own, that I just haven’t had time to talk.

After reading today’s blog, I need to take issue with you on a few matters regarding IFDA. While IFDA may not be at the top of its game and an embarrassment to the funeral service community, there have been some important changes to the IFDA Board. There are some fresh faces and along with those come some minds to change things and set a course that hopes to rebuild the integrity of the Association for it’s membership and those in the funeral service community and the public that its members serve. If one is paying attention you will notice in comparing the past Board members names to those recently installed this past summer and the fact that most of them have no prior connection to the IFDA you have “fresh” people on board. The holdovers, are in the minority and the majority of them from what I am told is working with the newcomers to make positive changes. I am told that good things will be coming from this group.

Secondly, I have been extremely critical of the IFDA Trust mess. While it is true that a new Trustee is being sought, it will be difficult to find any entity to take over until the smoke clears and the dust settles on the lawsuits to see if there is recoupment of monies or not, if so what percent of recovery, etc. One can almost be assured that Merrill-Lynch(ed) as I like to call them, has been eager to dump this prior to merging with Bank of America. As I have said before hopefully the Courts will hold the investment arm of Merrill-Lynch accountable along with their commission earning poster child Mr. Schainker,, in the recoupment of Trust monies. The regulators are learning it is wise for them to keep their noses out the matter in making back-room deals with ML while matters are in litigation.

Number three, you need to lay off the new Executive Director of IFDA, Mr. Duane Marsh. He is NOT the one you need to be slamming here. There are a few out there that you could slap around if you like. Mr. Marsh is reaching out to our membership to build relationships and regain the trust of individuals to rebuild IFDA. You have to remember that this man walked into a firestorm of problems some which occurred after he came on as the result of the actions of his predecessors. With all of the problems going on I don’t think the man has had a chance to focus on his job for having to deal with all of the little fires around him.

End Of Part 1



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