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9 Oct
The Funeral Industry takes another hit

Driving down Rte 47 in Elburn, Illinois , there is a pretty good speed trap as in many small towns. Behind the doors of  homes in Elburn  there is a great funeral director story. The Story is about Bruce Conley and Conley Funeral Home.

Snippet From the Chicago Tribune:

The mother called Conley Funeral Home in Elburn to tell them her 17-year-old son was dead.

Michael had been found miles from his home, dumped frostbitten and bruised on Chicago’s West Side. Minutes after the phone call ended, funeral director Bruce Conley was at Cathy Reinert’s house.

With tears on her face, she told him, “Your kid is not supposed to die before you.”

“I know,” Conley whispered, hugging her.

If even a few Funeral directors behaved like this man, there would be no Funeral Scandal to report, and your funeral guy blog would not exist. There was a time when many Funeral Directors behaved like Bruce Conley.  A time when Funeral Directors were honest, and ripping people off in their grief was not considered.

Bruce Conley will continue to do what he does best as he battles terminal cancer.

Conley Funeral Home is a leader  in Funeral Aftercare. Read the Tribune Story. Be Inspired.

Funeral Industry| Funeral Blog-Your Funeral Guy.

Thanks to the Chicago Tribune For Printing this Story.

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