7 Reasons Why IFDA-Executive Director must Go|Your Funeral Guy

9 Oct

ifda_logo_consHere are 7 reasons why the Executive Director of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Must Leave.

1. He sided with the the Corrupt Illinois Funeral Director Lobbyist,  Illinois Senator Roland Burris defending the Lobbyist Efforts on behalf of the association in Statements.

2. He did not call out Former IFDA President Charles Childs Jr.(Reverend Jesse Jackson Protege) on his misappropriation( theft) of Management Fees out of the IFDA Preneed Trust Fund moved to IFDA Srvices

3. He did not recognize the threat of Merrill Lynch Bank and Trust (Trustee) to the IFDA Preneed Trust. MLBT was indeed a key player in the Wall Street Crash and corruption. MLBT wrote Down the value of the IFDA Preneed Trust in 2009

4. Instead of cooperating with the Regulator, The Illinois Comptroller, he fought the regulator, resulting in the Comptroller declaring the IFDA stole millions  from the Trust and fining the IFDA  Services, Inc almost 10 million Dollars(there is a lawsuit on this one.)

5. After years of Search  for a trustee, under Duane Marsh the Illinois Funeral Directors Association again has to find a trustee for the IFDA  Preneed Trust.

6. He Duane Marsh did not  call out Randall L. Earl(NFDA Executive Secretary, gasp, choke) in his acceptance of Preneed Trust Funds for the Museum of Funeral Customs. Marsh affectionately refers to Earl as Randy!

7. There is the same lack of integrity (arguably more )for the Illinois Funeral Directors Association as when Duane Marsh arrived as executive  director.

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IFDA Logo From E- mails from the IFDA.


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