Yet Another “SCI” World’s Largest Funeral Corporation Scandal|Your Funeral Guy

6 Oct

Many  of the Worlds Largest Funeral Corporations Scandals unreported by the press. Others are reported in the press and then forgotten. When Service Corporation Scandals make it into the National Press, the story get’s national attention. Often there is no follow up in the media. Bloggers follow up only upon occasion on NYSE(SCI) stories.

This time it is another case of corpse abuse.

Service Corporation Dignity Logo

Service Corporation Dignity Logo

Yet another Service Corporation International (SCI) scandal has been reported. Details are still sketchy.

While the pictures were allegedly taken several years before James Patton started working at Earthman Funeral Home, this latest incident of alleged corpse abuse may have happened as recently as September 2008. Today a spokesperson with Houston-based SCI, the company that owns Earthman, says when authorities first alerted them of the disturbing allegations, Patton was immediately removed from his position and the company.


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Dignity Logo Pic on flickr under the creative commons licenset

Jeremy Brooks’ photostream


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