Solar Business or Funeral Home?-Your Funeral Guy

5 Oct
 Earth is cracking underneath the funeral industry

Earth is cracking underneath the funeral industry(biz)

Prout Funeral home has been the subject of the news. It has been called a green funeral home. Solar panels  do not make for a green funeral. Selling solar products in a Funeral home is  taking a step away from the Funeral Business.

The media likes novel articles on the funeral business, so do Funeral Directors. it avoids the pain of Funeral industry bad times. Check out this  funeral novelty article from connecting directors.

VERONA, NJ — When Bob Prout took out $62,000 in loans to install solar panels on his family-run funeral parlor in Verona four years ago, people thought he was crazy.“Everybody, even my good friends, told me I was screwball,” said the 53-year-old Prout on Thursday, wearing a sunflower tie unusually bright for an undertaker..”


Prout Sells Solar energy products in his funeral home. A question has been raised  as to how much he sells in solar energy. Does it exceed what he sells in funerals?  Prout’s early claims as to his funeral home being green has been dismissed. No relation to green funerals. The foundation of this article actually points to  Funeral Industry Decline. Going other places for income sources.

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One Response to “Solar Business or Funeral Home?-Your Funeral Guy”

  1. richhesslersolar October 6, 2009 at 5:58 pm #

    Great move into solar/renewables. Most of the economy is going to be headed in that direction.

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