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20 Sep

The Cemetery and Funeral industry Earthquake is here.

The Cemetery and Funeral industry Earthquake is here.

The great cemetery industry earthquake will hit on 09.21.09. Congressman Bobby Rush(D) will reveal the Bereaved Consumers Protection Act. This is cemetery and funeral legislation that is almost assured to become law.

There has never been Laws and regulations for cemeteries across the United States of America. That is about to change.

Some details have been revealed. From BereavedConsumersProtectionAct.com

“This proposed  law will do three things:

1. Spell out Consumer rights in interactions with Cemeteries.

2. require record keeping standards for Cemeteries.

3. Strengthen the Funeral Rule- making deceptive practices in  funerals more difficult.”

The question for the Funeral Industry is: Will Funeral homes be hit by the “Earthquake” or only the after shocks?

The Funeral Industry has not had “Funeral Legislation” passed since the amendment to the Funeral Rule in 1992.

All this was sparked by the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal that was discovered in July 2oo9. Up to 300 graves were desecrated. Four People were arrested. Human body parts were discardethroughout the cemetery.

Funeral & cemetery industry|Funeral blog by Your Funeral Guy

SCI, Service Corporation Lobbyists are in trouble.

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